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Air Compressor Remote Monitoring

Real-Time Data Anytime. Anywhere.

TotalCare Connect uses real-time data and continuous air compressor remote monitoring to help maximize efficiency and uptime. TotalCare Connect’s online dashboard gives you visibility into equipment health and diagnostics so you can identify issues before they become detrimental to your system. Together, we design and implement a continuous commissioning program that delivers sustainable cost savings and improved efficiency.

TCX Monitored Maintenance

TCX Monitored Maintenance is a comprehensive maintenance program that includes all preventative maintenance and any unexpected issues that occur with your compressed air system. This program includes a warranty on your compressors to give you peace of mind on uptime performance. By utilizing remote monitoring on your air compressor, Total Care Connect will provide service alerts, alarms, and common alerts. TCX and your team will have access to remote monitoring for real-time alerts and data acquisition.

TCX Optimize

TCX Optimize uses AI-based air system optimization and AI-based predictive fault detection to optimize your compressed air system. Your compressed air system is one of your largest energy sources. TCX helps lower your energy costs while minimizing your carbon footprint.

Remote Monitoring Benefits

cost savings

Energy Cost Savings

Electricity is the largest operating cost in compressed air systems. TCX helps maintain efficiency by ensuring filters and fluid are in good condition and controls are adjusted for peak performance.

predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Real-time data about your equipment health allows TCX to know when equipment is in need of maintenance. This helps avoid costly machine failure and unplanned downtime.

rapid response

Rapid Response

Continuous monitoring and alerts provide you with quicker awareness to issues within the compressed air system and allow for quicker response times from our service team.

air compressor data security

Data Security

We use a highly secure VPN that is used solely for transmitting equipment data to TCX. Our one-way connection is encrypted and encoded between trusted servers.

air compressor

All Brands

TCX integrates with any make and model of air compressor. As long as there are sensors and data to be gathered from the equipment, we can connect and detect.

lasting equipment

Lasting Equipment

Predictive maintenance gives an advanced warning when equipment is about to fail so you can get ahead of the problem, extending the compressor’s service life.

The Old 10 Step Repair Process

old air compressor repair process

The New 4 Step Repair Process

new repair process with air compressor remote monitoring